Come learn to save!

So, as some of you know I have become a coupon clipper! And have saved about $700.00 in the last 2 months! AND I have been building my food storage at the same time! So I have saved money, spending about half my previous food budget, and I have a bigger food storage!

And my friends in the area have asked that I teach a class on how to save, so if you want to learn and you live close by, come on out! ( I except to see all my Clark Ward friends there!)

Thursday night, 7pm! Email if you want more info or directions!!!

Of coarse there are a few site links on the right that can help! Even all you out of state 'rs!

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ML said...

I wish I could come. When I lived in Virginia, I was big on coupons, but out here, I don't get any coupons and the only place to shop is WalMart... Good luck on your class.