Easter Fun!

We had a nice Easter, okay so we were sick, but Saturday before we got sick we had fun!
The girls waiting for the fun to start! It was a beautiful day out!
On your mark, set, go!

Reaching for that egg full of candy!
Bekah had fun once she found out there was chocolate in those eggs!

A little help from Grandma!

Gracie getting those eggs!

Found one!

Where or where are those eggs!?

Bekah found one in the tree!

Bekah's eggs!

Jacob & Bekah's find!
We had fun! Then that night Bekah and I got sick! So we didn't get to where our new Easter clothes to church or eat with the family, next week!
We hope you all had a great Easter! And remembered why!

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Jamie said...

Cute Pics. I love Easter- I HATE all the Candy! LOL. I have a quick question. We thinking of moving to Florida also. Since you are experienced in this, my BIGGEST concern is school. Should I be worried about public school. We have lived in sheltered Idaho for so long I get nervous about "the world" any thoughts or advice? I would appreciate it!
p.s we will be in Winter Park, not so close to you :0(