What a weekend! And it's not over!

Well I sure hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! We sure did!!! We had a great dinner at the Rolfe's, thanks Marie, everything was great! Then we went to a movie, Four Christmases, not my fave, but it was nice being with everyone. And up early for Black Friday!!! I actually didn't get up until 6:30am, but I still got a good day of shopping in! And some great deals!!! Thanks to my wonderful father in law for watching the kids! And after a nice rest, we put up our new tree!!! I love this holiday season! As many of you know I do a different themed tree every year, this year we have a fun cheerful tree with Silver ribbon, and pinkish purple, green, and blue ornaments! It is so fun! I wanted something to make us smile, even though we miss dad so much. But we did send Dustin a little tree! It is about 6' tall and lights up, the kids even put little ornaments on it! And then of course we had to get them each a little tree for their rooms! I also got a 4foot tree for the kids to put their special ornaments on, since I am so weird about my big tree! Every year I let the kids pick a special ornament for the year, they love it, and it takes forever to pick out just the right one! They are so cute when trying to decide! Thanks sis for waiting with me while they debated! Like I said I love this season! Being with family and friends, watching wonderful movies, making goodies and gifts for everyone! This truly is the season for families! I will post pictures of everything as soon as I get all the boxes put away! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! (If you follow my facebook also, you will have seen I said one tree down, three to go, well we still have the kids to do, and then we help Grandma Great and Grandma Rolfe each put up their trees! The kids love it!) I will be taking lots of pictures! So check back soon!

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Dart Photography said...

I loved seeing your Christmas trees, they were always so pretty! So be sure to post pictures.