I wasn't going to post anything about elections, but I have to. ( I hope that all my friends know that I think everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I love you all no matter how you voted or think is best. I hope you can feel the same about me.) I think this sucks! I am sorry, but I am a little, no a lot scared, about what is going to happen to our military, and freedoms we enjoy so much. We are a military family, and I don't think Obama is going to support us the way McCain would have. And our right to choose and live our own religion. I truly hope and pray things will work out, but I am scared. There are a lot of freedoms that we enjoy as a family, I am worried about them. But all we can do is pray! So I am going to put this in the Lords hands! He is after all the only one who can save us!

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Emily E'2 said...

I'm very scared too. I didn't think it was possible that he would actually be elected. I hope that the next four years will go fast, without much change!