Food Food Food!!!

So I have decided to start trying to make some freezer meals. I am hoping it will make it easier, faster, and cheaper. I am going to plan ahead and try to use what I have at home, instead of always spending tons of $$$ each week! So if any of you have some great freezer meals, let me know! Or just some great meal ideas that are fast, easy, and cheap! I hate spending so much on food! So give me ideas!!! I also have come to realize I have tons of Pancake mix, how I don't, but I do. And we enjoy pancakes some times, but I need ideas to use it up, and hopefully save money! Let me know if you have ideas or suggestions for me!!! I need all the help I can get!


Kent and Becca said...

We should do a brainstorm at playgroup sometime... help us all think of easy but yummy stuff to each and hopefully save money too.

Emily E'2 said...

Sounds like a great idea. I try to double whatever I'm having for dinner, and freeze the rest.

Andrea said...

I like your bloggy decor.

Freezer meals are awesome. I was in a meal group for a while and loved it. We would pick easy recipes to freeze (foods that would hold up in the freezer well) like marinated meats/veggies, soup or chili and stuff like that. We would tell the organizer how many of each meal we wanted. One person would go buy the food items from the group. We would not buy the meats as a group. Everyone added whatever meat they needed for however many of each recipe they wanted and put them in zip-loc freezer bags with their name and the recipe title on them. Next, we would gather together, place the zip bags in #10 cans, fill them up with the ingredients, sort them in their designated cooler then pay and go. The organizer would also tally the total from the receipts, split the total by how many total meals there were and then everyone paid per bag. The price was usually around 4 to 5 dollars. Brilliant. It does take some effort in organization though!