Going Crazy!

I am really trying to not lose my mind, but it is becoming very hard!!! We are once again sick, I swear we are always sick! And it bites! So we are all trapped at home and my kids are driving me crazy, as much as I love them. My head hurts, and I really just need a break! But what to do!? So we were sick over Halloween, needless to say it sucked this year! No fun, except for Gracie who was able to go to school and to a church party and trick or treating, thanks to Becca and family! So as you can see, not a lot happening in our lives! Hope everyone is good.


Kent and Becca said...

So sorry that you are all feeling sick :( hope you feel better soon!

Katie said...

hope you get feeling better soon. I feel the same way about being sick. Kind of tired of it already. Winter hasn't even started yet. Cute turkeys on your blog btw.