I am back!

Wow! The last month has been busy! And then, just when I thought I would have time to relax and have fun, I get strep throat! Yeah, it was so fun!!! NOT! I am starting to feel better, and am finialy getting back to things! Now that I am better, I get to start working on Jacobs halloween costume, he wants to be a skelaton, but a nice one. As for Grace, she wants to be a mermaid, and I do not want to make that one, so we are ordering it. And Bekah will be a puppy! We already have hers. And next comes Christmas! It seems like it will be here before we know it!

Football is coming to a end for another year. Jacob has had fun and hopes he will get to play next year after we move. He really likes his teacher and is doing great! He still loves anything solider/army related, what can I say he is his fathers son!

Grace is really enjoying her dance classes. She is learning fast, and even has a few friends from church in her class. She makes friends so easily. It is really fun to watch her in school and dance.

And Bekah, oh sweet little Bekah! She is my biggest challenge. She is forever into everything! I can't find half my jewelry or cds or anything! Half my makeup was wasted all over the bathroom, and her body! Apparently she thought it was paint. And I am continually finding marker and pen everywhere! The newest is on my computer desk! And I think I spend more on wipes than diapers! For some reason she thinks she needs to 'clean up' everything and everyone! Well, all I can say is it is a good thing she is so stinkin cute!

I have pictures to upload then I will share them! I'd love to hear from everyone!

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Danielle said...

Hey Eleanor! It was a neat surprise to see you on our blog. Your kids are growing up so fast and it sounds like life is treating you all well. Fun times! Yep we have 2 boys now, Kody and Jacob (9 months). Now we will have to keep in touch through our blogs. Talk to you soon.