Okay, have you ever had a great huge pumpkin that you couldn't wait to carve? We did, a beauty. Then it got cold and the heater came on, and well apparently it was sitting to close to the heater! You guessed it! It went soggy, rot in, STINKY all over my floor! Did I mention it was on the carpeted floor! Yeah! I have scrubbed, while trying not to lose my lunch, and it still stinks!!! So I am trying all different fun ways to get rid of it!!! I really want to just scream!!!

And while we are on cleaning! Have you ever cleaned your house top to bottom, scrubbed, swept, the whole shabang, and then had it completely ruined within 12 hours of getting it done! How does it happen! They are only little kids! Not monsters, or are they??? I would like to clean and have it stay that way for at least 24 hours! Is that to much to ask???

Okay I have gotten that all out of my system and now I get to go clean, again!


Emily E'2 said...

I'm so sorry about the pumpkin, that really sticks. I wish I could make your house clean with a magic poof, but if that worked my house would be clean too. Good job cleaning your house, I'm proud of you.

Kent and Becca said...

Let me know if you still have the "stink" we have this great industrial strength cleaner... long plumbing story but it works. Sorry that really stinks- lol.