What a Week!

Another week gone! This last week was crazy! I hope to have a few slow weeks now! Like that is going to happen! The week started okay. Then Wednesday we had our first play group at church. It was really fun! We moms got to know each other better. (Our ward is growing fast with new houses everywhere! So we don't know everyone yet!) That was great! The kids ran and played, it was nice. I then learned how to use my serger! I love it! Thanks Onnolee!!! Thursday was a day of running everywhere! Thanks to a friend for watching my girls and getting Gracie on the bus! Friday I subbed a dancing classes for my friend Becca so she could go to a funeral. Grandma Barnes will be missed by many. I only assisted in the classes, but it was fun! The girls where 2-5 years old! They are soooo cute! Then I went to the school and got everything ready for our schools Family Night! It was fun! We had a short movie, games, and a make-n-take. It was a fun night! Thanks to all the wonderful parents who helped make the night great! And up early Saturday for our ward primary program practice, and Super Saturday! Do you think I will ever learn to only sign up for one or two things to make, instead of a bunch and having to run around like crazy??? I don't think I will! It was fun! I now have a snow man kit, a few cute Christmas gifts, and a snowman painting, that I painted! Oh and two way cute tu-tu's for the girls! So it was a great day, just busy! And today, we have our Primary program, where all three of us, Jake, Gracie, & myself, have parts. Jake is giving a talk during sharing time. And I am teaching my class today! (At the same time as his talk!) So it will be fun! However this next week I don't have much to do! Knock on wood!!! I get to clean!!! My pumpkin smell is back, how that works I do not know! So I will be scrubbing!!! I have pictures to post, so be on the look out! And have a great week!

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Kent and Becca said...

:) k, I got you tag.. thanks again for helping with dance!!!