I truly love my kids! They are the best! They are each so smart, fun, and beautiful! 
 Our sweet baby girl all bundled up in her 'bag' Grandma Marie made for her! Ready to go for a walk!
 Dustin trying to teach Bekah to ride her bike without training wheels. She is slowly getting it.
 Jake getting recognized at his school for good grades and behavior. 
 Gracie getting recognized for her outstanding grades and behavior! 
 Grace with her new ears pierced that she got for her 9th birthday! 
 Jake injured his finger playing football at school. You can't tell but it is all black and blue. 

 Grace's birthday cake. She wanted one that was crazy! We saw one that was uneven and animal print. 
This is my attempt. 
 I tried to make the inside the same animal print at the outside. 
Top to bottom: Cheetah, zebra & giraffe. 
 My super cute Lizzie Zoe! 
She will only sit in her bumbo for a few minutes before she screams, but she was smiley for a minute! 
 She gets so excited! Pulling her hands up and giving huge smiles! 
 This is the first half of Grace's quilt. (Sorry not the best picture!)
I still have to do the lines the other way, making a crossing, diamond look. 
This is my sweet Grace on her 9th birthday! She is a little spoiled! 

Can you see why I love my kids so much! They are just the greatest! 
I am so proud of them! And blessed that I get to be their mom! 

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