Happy Valentine's Day part 1....

We shall start today with a beautiful smile! 
Just love this girl!!!
 Tummy time! She is so cute I could just eat her up! 
 Valentine's we made for the kids to give out at school! They were fun!

 Breakfast fun!!!
 Pink eggs, pink pancakes, strawberries, & strawberry milk!!!
 Valentine morning smiles!!!!
Valentine treats we made! Pink (of course!), heart shaped rice crispy treats!!!

I left a special treat for each person and a note this morning, 
packed heart shaped cheese and lunch meat for lunches with a special treat in their lunches, 
and have more treats for after school with a card, and a special pink and red dinner planned! 
I love making this day special for the 5 loves of my life!!!!
Stay tuned for more pictures!!!
Hope your day is as special as ours!

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