Our Christmas fun!

As always on Christmas Eve we have pizza and root beer floats. We decided to make our own this year and I had gotten a awesome pizza crust recipe from some good friends, it was sooo good!

After pizza and floats we open a few presents from the Ashbocker cousins, friends and new PJs from dad and mom.

Here are the girls in there new PJ's!

This Christmas was fun! We didn't do a whole lot, just a few gifts. But it was still fun!

Can't tell Jake is a little surprised and excited that Santa brought an XBox to our house can you???

Grace didn't really want a whole lot, but Santa brought her some new Zhu Zhu stuff!

Bekah got this Frosty the Snowman from her Aunt Deana & Cousin Sara, she loves it!
I love this picture! What a ham!

We had a nice quite, fun Christmas. We missed all our wonderful family, but look forward to next year when we can all get together! And we can't wait for a white Christmas next year!!!

We are so thankful for all we have been blessed with this past year and look forward to a year filled with family and fun! We are thankful for Christ and all he did and continues to do for our family.

We hope everyone had a Christmas filled with love and fun!
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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Andrea said...

How did your kids get so big? Wow! Cute!