A little behind...

So life has been a little busy! So here I am now, trying to catch up on life. Between football, cheer leading, Cub Scouts, play group, work and just life, I haven't had time to do much blogging, so here I am. As always, I like to let pictures tell the story!

 Jake playing football

Grace in the front, cheering away!

Jake tackling (#48)

Grace on the front, left, during her cheer Show-Off

Grace holding her metal from Show-off

Bekah Cheering at the Show-off

Jake got his Duty to God Knot in Cub Scouts

Grace, Bekah & I made a bow holder for all there hair bows, I think they have to many!

Jake made the All-Star team again this year, they played over Thanksgiving (#28)

Dustin with the girls, watching the Thanksgiving Day game Jake played

Everyone after the game

Dustin throwing Grace for her to cheer

Dustin throwing Bekah

And this brings us to now! I was a little slow and reluctant to get out all the Christmas decorations, I just didn't feel like it. But I made myself pull the boxes out and start, and the kids excitement rubbed off on me and I was brought back to the magic of Christmas. Their excitement and joy filled our house. That is what makes the season special.

I got to set up my Christmas Decor! I love my Nativity Set!

This is the kids tree this year. It is starting to get over run!

This is our tree.
We went with the old fashion theme this year.

As we have been preparing for and stressing over Christmas again this year, we have decided that it would be nice to just skip over it all next year! Where has Christ gone in Christmas? It is suppose to be simple and filled with love, laughter and fun. Do we really need all the things we get? Do we really need to spend all the money to show we love or care about others? We are on a mission to find a simpler, more affordable way to do Christmas. Any ideas are welcome! Next year, we are going simple.

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