Major Life questions???

Ha, you thought I was joking!!! All you facebook friends, don't know me like you thought you did!!! Now, seriously...

I once went to a baby shower for a friend who was having her first baby, we played a game here we each wrote a question a new mother might think in the first few months of motherhood. Someone, (I don't know who,and no, I can't remember what question I wrote) wrote the question, 'Will I ever be able to use the bathroom or shower by myself again?'. I have never really thought much about it. It has always seemed like part of motherhood. Well, when your kids are 9, 7, and 3 you would think one could take a five minute shower alone! I mean really!!! Can they not really wait a whole five minutes to tell me something, or to tell on someone? I love them, but seriously.
Do they think I am having a party in there? I wash off the same as they do!

Do we do this to ourselves? I remember when Jake was a baby, I was afraid to really leave him alone. I know it was only for a few minutes, but I was a new mom. Then as he got a little bigger he didn't like me to close the door and leave him out. So, being a nice mom, I didn't. And now I can't get away from any of them for 5 minutes!!!

So as I have begun pondering this major life question, I have no answers. If you do, please share with he rest of us! And you thought I was really kidding!?!

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Anahera gifts said...

When I had Rachel (my first) I would either bring her into the bathroom with me in her bouncer or if she was asleep I would bring the baby monitor in and she would always seem to start to cry when I just got the shampoo in my hair. I would feel so bad that she was crying so I would cut my shower time down to just rince off and go get her. With Logan (second)he is sooooo much easier than Rachel. He just chills out in the front room in his jumper watching TV with Rachel or something. Rachel still comes into the bathroom to check on me every time. LOL!