April Fun!

Well April has been busy! And fun! At the kids school they have an art program called OVAL Art, were each class has a parent volunteer that teaches them an art lesson every month. I was the art teacher for Jake's class, and I helped do Graces! It was tons of fun! At the end of each year the school has a big Evening of the Arts fundraiser/gallery night. Each class makes something that can either be sold in the gallery store, or auctioned in either the live or silent auction. AND each class has a gallery set up for everyone to view and admire the kids art! It is a busy night!

Here is Jake by some of his art!!!                         And Grace with some of her art!!!
(See the monkey picture above Grace's right shoulder, it got picked to go to a County Wide Art Show!!!

This is the Live Auction area. Jake's class, and me the art mom, made the beach picture on an old window frame, it is a faux stained glass! (The one in the middle)

We also made two more that were sold in the Silent Auction! It was way fun!               And here is Jake's class!!!

It is a nice program and very fun! I really enjoyed going in every month to teach them something new about art!

Amid all the fun getting ready for the Art Night, Bekah and I went and picked Strawberries at a place not to far away!

Bekah showing a strawberry she picked!
                    Us Picking away!                                      Bekah & a friend who went with us!        Our friends with their berries!                                                                                

                 I ended up with two huge bowls of berries, (after we had snaked on a TON), and then I made jam!!! YUMMMM!

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Danielle said...

Those strawberries look delicious!!!! I love your garden. It is huge! So jealous :o)