Birthday Fun/ Talented Husband

So I have a very talented husband, I know, you already knew that! But as of lately he has been building me lots of things around the house. I will upload more pictures soon, put to start with...

My strawberries, surprisingly like the sand. And are already growing strawberries after only a week.
My raised garden boxes.

They are really doing great, these pictures are right after we planted, more to come later!

My Birthday!

Grace & Bekah, being cute!

Me and a new shirt Gracie picked out for me!

My present from Jacob, yes, he wrapped it himself!

My WAY yummy cake my wonderful mother in law and grace made for me!!! LOVED it!!!
I had a great birthday! A day of shopping. Then out to seafood, a walk on the docks (on the bay), then home for cake and ice cream! Then I got to go out to dinner with some great friends!
Good times!
Slide shows of our Spring Break Fun are on the right! Check them out!


Katie said...

Look how long your hair is getting!!! Happy belated Birthday. I hope it was fabulous. Know I was thinking of you even though I am lame :)

Danielle said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am so jealous that you already have your garden planted. How fun for you. We just got about 5 more inches of snow yesterday. Yuck!