Bye-Bye Tonsils!

Jake and I both had our tonsils out on Friday! What fun! NOT!!! We are doing okay. I am in more pain then him, but I am alive. I guess my tonsils where so full of disease that they kinda fell apart when the Doc tried to grab them to get them out! But we should be great in a week or so!


More waiting!
Waking up after we were done!


Danielle said...

So glad to hear that the surgeries went well and you two are doing good. Happy healing! Enjoy the ice cream and popsicles!

Tyler and Janae Ricks said...

I didn’t know you were both getting your tonsils outs – how neat! I’m glad you are doing well. Enjoy all the yummy food you get to eat!

ML said...

How crazy! I loved your waiting photos. If you've got to wait forever for those doctors, it's nice to have someone to wait with.