Blast from the past!

As I was going threw some boxes of toys my mom gave me for the girls, of old doll stuff, I found a few toys I remember loving! Do any of you remember them???;) I don't remember what he was called, but he is like a little glow worm
California Raisin's!
I even remember dressing up like one for Halloween! I will have to dig for the photo!

I think he was my older siblings, but I loved him!


ML said...

So great! I think our family had at least one of each of those things too. Funny, I had a glow worm when I was about 11. I moved into a new room in the house and it was darker than I had been use to. I would hold the glow worm up to the light just before going to bed. It gave me a little extra light in my room until I was more comfortable in there. Ah, memories.

Andrea said...

California Raisins, Gumby, Glow Worms...My box of memorabilia had a Cabbage Patch Doll, RainbowBrite's bud StarBrite, and a jumping bean amongst other things I will not say in order to keep me looking "young"! :-) Fun things to look at and remember. "I heeeeaaard it through the grapevine....!"