Our Trip - Part 1!

We had a lot of fun on our Christmas vacation trip! 
So much so, that I have to do this in parts! So here is Part 1- Pre-Christmas!

 Daddy & Lizzie Zoe hanging out

While we were there we got to bless Elizabeth with most of our family there.
 Dustin, Elizabeth Zoe, and I after her blessing
 Lizzie & Mom
 Our sweet Elizabeth Zoe
 Lizzie & her big brother both asleep on the couch! It was sweet.
 We got to go for a sleigh ride the family and a few friends for Bekah's birthday! It was great! 
 Bekah at the reins! 
 Bekah with her 5th birthday cake! We got to have a small birthday party with a few friends and family, then dinner with the family! It was a great birthday, she had a blast and was spoiled by everyone!
Auntie Kayla, cousin Mason, and Grace giving Lizzie Zoe loves! 
It was so great to have everyone there and get to spend so much time with family! The kids loved playing with their younger cousin Mason, who is a sweet boy, growing fast! 

We also did family pictures with all of Dustin's family, since we were all there and hadn't done any for a few years. It was fun, and nice to have everyone in them! I took pictures of the kids, they are on the side. And we got to have new family pictures of us! (Above and on the right.)

Here are the Rolfe's

I am so glad to be a part of this wonder family!

Coming soon: Christmas, visiting my family, and more fun times!

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