Christmas Trip -Part 2

More from our fun trip! 
Spending time with family was so great! Making memories for our children, and us! 
Dustin took the girls for sleigh rides, even though there wasn't enough snow and the sleds got wholes in the bottom from the rocks! But they loved it! And Cousin Mason enjoyed helping drive!  

 We made some YUMMY goodies! These are the melted snowman cookies, I found the idea on Pinterest! (It is on my Holiday board.) We also made my favorite caramel- which I ate way to much of! And some Snicker fudge, from Kayla's Pinterest board, it was really yummy!
 Christmas Eve we did our traditional night out  at Grandma & Grandpa Ashbocker's. Santa stopped by for a little visit with an early present! Bekah was being shy! We also did the traditional pizza & floats or ice cream for dinner! 
 Grandma made these awesome hats for the boys she thought would wear them, they have a mustache and beard attached! Jake and Dustin loved their's! As did the other guys! 
 Christmas Morning. Since it was on Sunday this year, we let the kids decide if we should do presents or church first, they chose church! So we did their socks when they got up, and their traditional church clothes, and then did the rest after church. Above is Bekah with her sock! (In her new pj's she got Christmas eve, as is tradition!)
 Grace with her sock!
 Elizabeth Zoe with her sock and church clothes! Her first Christmas!!!
 Jake with the tradition herseys kiss from his sock. 
My dad and I always gave each other a giant 'kiss' for Christmas, since he died, Dustin always gives me one, and once the kids get old enough to eat them, I give them one. (And we remember my dad, they know why they get them.)
Our sweet girls in their new dresses! They are so beautiful! 
 After church we did presents! Our kids got a Kinect for the Xbox, and each a game. Here is Bekah with her's! 
 Jake with a poster he got! 
Dustin's sweet Grandma Great Zoe, gave each grandchild couple and great grandchild a money tree! She is so great! We love her to death! The kids where REALLY excited about their trees! 

And once again stay tuned for more! Part 3 coming soon! (Told ya we had fun! And we didn't even get it all in pictures!)

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