Catching up! Pumpkins & house!

Here are some pictures from Halloween! I know, 15 days later! We had fun carving pumpkins tho, at least the girls and I did. Jake decided he was to old and didn't want to do one, so I did his for the baby! It was fun!

 Bekah thought it was so gross to pull the seeds and guts out, but enjoyed it still! 
 Grace just thought it was gross! 
 They each drew their own face and I just carved it for them. 
 Grace with hers all done! 
 Bekah all lit up!

 Here is the one I did for the baby! I saw this on pinterest and wanted to try it! 
 Here is me in my pumpkin shirt! As dressed up as I got! I went to the kids school to help with their class 
parties and a lady asked if I was stuffed or if I had a real belly under my shirt! It was funny! 
 Our front porch all decorated. Didn't do much, 
and Jake informed me we needed to do a bunch more next year!
Our pumpkins on the porch.

And finally, here are a few pictures of my house. I haven't had time or found everything to decorate, so that will come, probably not until after the holidays.
 My kitchen and dining area
 My entry way. The partial door on the left is to the garage, on the edge of the dining area. Then you see the front door straight ahead, Jake's bedroom is to the right of the front door, then next to the little shelf is the bathroom and then a closet just before the stairs. 
 My living room. We have another couch that is due to arrive in a few days, it will go on the left. Outside the picture on the left is the stairs, to the right, behind the couch is the dining area/kitchen. 
 This is our loft. It is a 'L' shape so it was hard to get a picture of. The tv is on the left, behind, outside the picture is our room, then the open area will have my grandparents table, it is on its way soon, and then is my grandpa's desk in the corner behind the chair, then our old couch and love seat and chair complete the 'L', with the stairs just outside the picture to the right, and then the hall to the girls rooms and a bathroom and laundry room. (Our laundry room is upstairs!!! It is nice since most of our clothes are up there!)
 Here is my room. On the right is our dresser, a rocker chair, bookshelf, and hutch under the window. And we have the babies playard/ bassinet at the end of the bed, all ready for her arrival! You can also see the super cute car seat cover my wonderful sister in law made! All ready to go! 
And my favorite part of the master bathroom, the huge tub!!! Across from this wonderful tub are the sinks. Just outside the picture, at the end of the tub is a separate room for the toilet, with the shower across from it. Through the bathroom is our HUGE master walk in closet, that is stuffed full! I really need to get rid of stuff! 

Our house from the front. 
There are a few pictures of the house. I can't wait to have the time, and energy to decorate it all! I have lots of ideas! 

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