Our Gracie turns 8!

It is SO hard to believe that my sweet little Grace is 8 years old! Wow! Sometimes it is hard to believe that my baby isn't so little anymore! Grace is still very sweet and helpful. She is super smart and has got nothing but straight A's since she started school. She is very artsy and crafty and loves to do anything of the sort. She pays such attention to detail, making everything just right. She is the child who goes out of her way to help other kids at school, and her teachers. She is an amazing big sister to Bekah and pretty great to her big brother too! She loves to be rough and tumble with Daddy and all girly with mom. She isn't huge on chocolate, which at times blows my mind! But is a sucker for almost any fruity candy, just like her dad. She can be very stubborn and knows what she wants. And she is bursting with attitude, sometimes not the good kind! She is so amazingly beautiful inside and out that she amazes me everyday! She is about to be baptized and is very excited about it.

She is twice as daring and determined as I ever was.

She loves Cheering

And is very good at it!

She is beautiful!

We are so thankful to have our sweet Gracie in our lives. She fills our home with love, laughter and fun!
We love you Gracie! And are so proud of the sweet wonderful person you are.
Happy 8th Birthday!

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Larsons said...

Tell her Happy Birthday for us!!