Ship Wrecked

Our little Tropical Storm brought a few ships down with it! Because of the storm, which really wasn't much, the kids and Dustin had the day off. So we decided to see if we could find and huge shells that the storm brought in. We didn't find any whole shells, but so monster pieces. We did find two boats wrecked on the beach! It was crazy to see. Not and everyday kind of thing.

The first beach we stopped at.

Our second stop. Our adventure began as we walked along were there use to be beach, in the bay to get out to the ocean beach. It was fun, but the water was cold. A first for the kids!

Finally finding beach to walk on we continued to the ocean.

An old boat that had washed up on the beach. It was torn apart, but we don't know if that was from the storm or cause it was old.

The stormy dark clouds in the back are crazy to see!
Another boat washed ashore. It was sad to watch the waves crash over this boat.

Welcome to Destin!
I am sure that after the stormy beach pictures and ship wrecks you all can't wait to to visit!
It was not a warm sunny day, but we enjoyed our after storm adventure! And now we have a really cool story!


Andrea said...

Looks like fun. At least it wasn't as cold as the water here. Glad the storm wasn't so bad.

Danielle said...

Way cool! Crazy to see the boats washed up. Glad that the storm didn't cause too many problems.