Our Drive up the Rhine to see castles!

We decided to drive up the Rhine river and see the castles along the river. 
It was a beautiful drive with lots of castes and cute villages! And amazing scenery! 

Burg Ehrenfels Castle

Romantik-Schloss Burg Rheinstein

Jungenherberge Burg Stahleck Bahararch

Pfalgrafenstein Castle

A neat town across the river from us. 

Neat little town

I loved these tunnels for the train! So cute and fun! 

St. Goar Castle

Burg Maus Castle

Beautiful hill along the river with vineyards growing on them. 

This is the Marksberg Castle that we got to tour. 

We stopped in the town below the castle for lunch.

View from the castle

I love how they built the castles right on the rock mountain, and it 
was just part of the castle.

The small castle garden

another view from the castle down river


Wash area near the bed chamber

Bed chamber

Beautiful wall paintings

Dining room

How the ceilings were made.


Blacksmiths workroom.

View on our drive back through the country side.

It was a fun day trip! We an't wait to go back and tour some of the other 
castles once they open for the season! 

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