Busy, Busy life update!

So things have been so crazy busy! And as I sit down to write this, I realize that I don't take enough pictures of our life happenings! I know crazy right! Coming from the one with a camera stuck to her head! ANYWAY...

Where to start... Baby Mason is doing great!!! He is growing and if you saw him now you wouldn't even know he had a rocky start in this earthly life! And since some of you ID friends will be seeing him soon, you will have to let me know how stinkin' cute he is!!!

Jacob is doing great at football! He is having fun and learning. Working hard. Even though his team is not winning a whole lot, he has a great attitude about it. Which we are thankful for. He still makes us all bust up laughing in! He is doing good in school this year also, amazing what a few months and a different teacher can do!

Grace is loving cheer! She is one of the two lead cheerleaders on her team. She is reading at a 3rd/4th grade level,(she is in second grade). And doing just as well in all her other subjects. She is going to an advanced, 'gifted', class for language arts and her teacher thinks we should have her tested for the gifted program. Needless to say, she is not my worry child! We have found that she has a little silly streak, and when it shows she has me rolling! She is still a very, very sweet, caring girl.

Bekah, sweet Bekah! She is very active, smart, and to cute for her own good! I still get to have her around all day, which on most every day that ends in y, she has me grinning! She is learning things right and left. Full of fun, and sometimes mischief! I think she is the one who will give us the most 'run for our money' as she gets older. I don't even want to think of her as a teen! She wishes she could cheer like her sister, and knows most the cheers by heart, and loves tagging behind both Jake and Grace, luckily they are great and include her most things! We are still doing playgroup, which she loves!

Dustin is working, and has been doing a lot of running here. We still like to be outside every chance we can! He is great with the kids, as always! And has been very supporting of me and my crazy adventures! I do love that man! We are still doing Cub Scouts, but have more help, so it is getting easier.

I have been busy with hosting parties for friends, (where I have gotten a lot of free stuff), doing photography, and making my watches and bows. I also get to watch my good friends little one year old a few days a week! So that is fun! And Bekah loves her to death! I am also one of the 'CEO's' of a group of three women who have started a little group to help and support home businesses and network together. It is turning into a great thing, WAY bigger than any of us thought it would be! So that has kept me busy! But it has been fun! As always, I have a busy life, full of fun, most the time!!! I have, believe it or not, been saying no! Most of the things I do, I started! Sadly. But I do still help at the school in each class once a month.

So as you can tell, we have a busy, busy life! BUT it is filled with fun times, laughs, and lots of love! So who can complain!!!

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