Time Out Orlando!!!

I was so blessed by my wonderful husband who let me go to Time Out in Orlando with one of my best friends and her family, whom I love! And consider my Florida Family! And some other wonderful ladies! It was an amazing, spiritual, fun, inspirational weekend that I will never forget! I got to learn so much from wonderful speakers who really seemed to know exactly how my life is. Listen to some amazing music that touched the heart and soul! And spend time getting to better know some spectacular women who have touched my life, and I feel so privileged to know and count as my friends. Here are the first pictures from the trip! More coming soon!

The theme, or topic for this event was Hope. It seems a simple thing that ever one has and knows about hope. But I learned some amazing different ways to looks for or at hope. My favorite quote, well one of them, was:

'We Create Hope. We have to find Hope.' by S. Michael Wilcox

One of my great friends Bethany and I had a fun night! We had a blast being goofy and our selves!
Note: we are both married and each have 3 children, but we are still kids at heart!

Okay so, we needed something really fun to do and it was like after 9pm, so everything was closed! Well, not Walmart, who had everything we needed to show our wonderful friends how much we love them by nicely decorating their cars! It was so crazy! But fun! And all Bethany's idea!!! ;)

Our Florida Mom and Dad, love to share the gospel with anyone and everyone, and they are a very fun loving, happy, fun couple! So we put this on their back window!!! They loved it! They washed everything off for the drive home, except this! And people were honking as we drove home! It was a blast!

The Florida Mall has a HUGE M & M's store, with these fun guys outside!

Me, Bethany, & Dana, we were duped the Triplets! We so look like sisters! And we love each other and have a blast together!

The amazing women I got to spend the weekend with!
Lee, Cheryl, Becky, Dana holding Isabella, Linda (Florida mom), Fre, Bethany & Me!
I had such a great weekend I can not even tell you! I can only say it was AMAZING!
I truly HOPE I can go to the next Time Out weekend in our area! I also HOPE that each of you can find a time to go and have this amazing experience!

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