We have been driving around seeing everything that we can for the short time we are here. We went and hiked a trail on Mount Rainer & saw some waterfalls. It was a nice day up there, but the mountain still had snow on part of the trails, so we couldn't go far.
Then we went the other way to see the Olympic Rain Forrest, went on a hike and had a picnic.Since we were so close to Forks Washington, we (I) had to see it!It was just like I thought it would be. I have tons of pictures to share, (when I get to a computer I can download them on!) I will tell every detail when I put the pictures on!!! We also drove through Port Angeles! It was fun!
Today we went to Mount St. Helen's. It was neat to see. We again went on a hike, again! We like to hike a little!!! It was fun and I of coarse have more pictures, coming soon!
We have been enjoying everything! But the best part is that we have been together as a family for it all! We have lots more planned! So stay tuned!
Pictures coming as soon as I can!!!

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Becca said...

very cool.. can't wait to see your pics...