Projects 5 thru 9! One to go!!!

Today is one of the few days I have had to stay home!!! Now I should have been cleaning! BUT, I wasn't feeling great, and neither has Lizzie Zoe! So I have been having fun instead! ;)
In between my sweet baby crying and sleeping! 

Project 5
 Did this last week, I still have a little sewing to do and I need to go pick up some sheer curtains to hang, but...

 Tada! I wasn't sure how they would look. My material was a little to short, so I added some blue to the bottom. (There are little blue squares on the brown, I will try to take a picture of it close up!)

Project 6
 Have had this Knife block for a while! It matched NOTHING in my kitchen, or really house for that matte! So, I found an idea on Pinterest! 
 First I tried staining it... didn't work so well! It rubbed right off. And the vinyl would not stick to it! 
 So instead I mixed a few colors to make a blue I liked, and painted it with craft paint.
 Worked great! 
 Then I did a little sanding, added a vinyl R I got from Good Golly Graphics 
She whipped this up fast! 

Project 7
 I was given these 3 wooden containers, they started out a plain natural wood. Which I didn't love. They don't match anything! So out came some stain!!!
 Love them now!!! Not sure what I am going to use them for, 
but for now they look great by my fireplace!

Project 8 
This is a sneak peak really, I need to cut this and put it up over my kitchen window. 
Hard to explain, but I think it will look great! More to come on this one! 
(I need to buy a new drill first!)

Project 9

I saw this saying and loved it!!! But didn't want to put it on the wall, because I want to be able to move it. (Dustin probably won't want it center in our living room while he is home, but I want it there for now!) 
SO.... Are you ready for this????!!!!
I wanted to use something I had on hand...

Yes! I used a piece of insulation I had in the garage from another project! 
I know! Really?!?!?
But I thought what the hay, why not!?
So I started by painting it black.

It took a few coats of black paint. And it rubbed off a little so you have to be gentle. 

 Then I painted white over the top, like I said gentle, it rubs off. 
 I only did one coat, but I rubbed it on thin. 
Then I added my vinyl saying! 
*Note: You have to be careful when doing this, the transfer paper kinda pulled off a little of the paint so I had to go back over it and do a few touch ups. But after a little black and then white again, it was good as new and you couldn't tell! 

 A close up! You can't even tell it isn't wood!
 And Ta Da!!!
 I love it!!! 
He really is our Hero! We love him! And are proud of him!
We wanted to show it! Front and center in our living room! 
(Again Good Golly Graphics did the vinyl!)

Now, I could have, and might, go over it with a clear coat or seal, maybe mod podge. 
But for know it is up high, where it won't get rubbed, so it is good for now! 

And 1 left to do!!! Not sure what it will be! And I do have to finish a few of them! So stay tuned! 


  1. I think that insulation looks awesome. You can't even tell it's not wood when it's up on the wall. Such a good idea!

  2. I was wondering how a big of piece of insulation did you use? Is 12x12 big enough?